…go deep, go beyond…

The objectives


science2mind is an association of people (“Associazione culturale science2mind”) who have a profound interdisciplinary interest in natural and artificial intelligence, and computation that grounds it; and who thus wish to collaborate to understand intelligence more profoundly, and to harvest practical benefits that could derive from this.


science2mind is formed by people who wish to go beyond. It is formed by researchers who wish to go beyond the boundaries of scientific disciplines studying natural intelligence (neuroscience, psychology, sociology, anthropology, economics, and other social sciences) and artificial intelligence (computer science, information engineering, artificial intelligence and machine learning, robotics); to go beyond the frontiers of our current understanding of mind and brain – the most complex and fascinating thing in the known universe – by grasping their core principles through their reproduction in computer models; and to create artificial intelligent systems that are as flexible and powerful as natural minds, but also different from them to go beyond the limits of those.


science2mind is formed by people who wish to apply our best knowledge on natural and artificial intelligence to solve concrete problems of people, society, companies, and public bodies and meet their novel needs by going beyond those experienced so far.


science2mind research and applications aim to go deeper and beyond the existing knowledge and achievements as science2mind is aware that humanity is entering a qualitative discontinuity in its history due to the short circuit involving: an exponentially growing power of computers, a growing capacity to understand and manipulate natural brains and bodies, an unprecedented capacity of artificial intelligence and machine learning, a growing impact of these technologies and knowledge in terms of new applications, products, and services with high economic value, a pervasive and invasive impact on human life, mind, and body. These developments, if understood in depth, can create new opportunities for further understanding -based on the synergy between science and new investigation techniques- and for new high-value applications -as they can support new ways to satisfy existing and new needs (4th Industrial Revolution).


science2mind is also aware that this revolution is creating huge technical and economical powers that will strongly impact, change, transform, and disrupt existing systems and equilibria (psychological, social, economic, political). This calls for a deep understanding of these phenomena under multiple perspectives: psychological, social, economic, legal, ethical, and political. The interdisciplinary and high-profile nature of the science2mind network promises potential to produce the knowledge that could contribute to support the governance of the new technology-driven changes so as to harvest benefits from them, rather than damages, for humanity.


science2mind is formally a non-profit cultural association (“Associazione culturale science2mind”) serving the integration and link people and institutions pursuing its mission.


The roots

science2mind starts as a spin-off of the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies, an outstanding institute of the Italian National Research Council (CNR). This gave to the new-born the fundamental imprinting on ISTC-CNR’s mission of studying natural and artificial intelligence in depth and with approaches that go beyond the boundaries of standard disciplines and approaches. science2mind, as an independent entity, hence aims to project its sprouts outside the institute and involve in this wonderful endeavor of intelligence exploration other people and public/private bodies.


science2mind’s roots are in Rome, first aiming to link local researchers, professionals, and their research institutes, companies, and public institutions, to leverage spatial vicinity to foster synergies and share activities. science2mind however goes beyond this geographical boundaries for its wish to involve other territory entities and for involving people who normally carry out their activities within an international network of people, communities, and private/public bodies (European and global networks).


The nature


science2mind is open. Although prompted by researchers and high-profile professionals, it seeks to involve in its activities anybody interested in natural and artificial intelligence and willing to contribute to its activities. This openness is rooted on the belief that very often intelligence does mean a high IQ, but rather creativity, integration, collaboration, sense, passion, effort, commitment, grit. Contribution and ideas can have any origin, hence the need of identifying and foster the good ones independently of their origin. science2mind is also open as it believes that the core of science is the belief that knowledge is a proxy rather than an absolute thing; that our understanding of reality can only be probabilistic, fuzzy, subject to change; and that solutions can be good or bad depending on the values and objectives one assumes. For this reason, science2mind fosters an open debate and the respect of different opinions and ideas when understanding reality and building technology. Moreover, it fosters reciprocal respect and negotiation when different values, and beliefs transcending the directly accessible reality, are involved.


science2mind believes in the value of diversity. This because it has learned the deep lesson of natural evolution, and of the very nature of intelligence, for which diversity -even noise- is the engine of the discovery of new solutions to problems and of new opportunities. Diversity is at the root of creativity, and the generation of breakthrough ideas. Diversity is at the basis of divergent, autonomous, critical thinking that marks true intelligence. science2mind hence promotes and fosters different ideas and autonomous thinking.


science2mind is transparent, in its objectives and activities. science2mind seeks integration and cooperation, rather than competition. For this reason science2mind aims to systematically identify and carry out activities that are not already carried out by other institutions, companies, and private/public bodies, and to harvest value from unforeseen new synergies and opportunities within its field of interest.  


The activities


science2mind supports different activities, from those involving basic research directed to a deeper understanding of natural intelligence (brain, mind, society), to basic research aiming to develop new artificial intelligent systems and algorithms (artificial intelligence, machine learning, autonomous robotics), to innovative applications (e.g., involving innovative data analyses, advanced ICT applications, high-tech mechatronics and robotics, advanced biomedical applications, social applications, governance).


science2mind contributes to organise a leading activity, the “Advanced School in AI”. The School is directed to form new generations of researchers and professionals in the fields of interest of the association and having its open and interdisciplinary spirit. This activity is important as learning, and hence formation, is at the very root of intelligence and of our capacity of producing a growing knowledge, and also, and foremost, of our capacity of managing the dramatic changes to which that leads.


science2mind aims to link people and also, through them, to foster collaborations, agreements and formal conventions between the institutes, companies, and other bodies to which they belong, in order to facilitate their collaboration and integration.


science2mind, at the moment of this writing, is mainly an idea. Born from mind to aid science, it aims to contribute from science to mind. Time will tell if this idea will be able to lead people -us- to carry it beyond its nature and become a reality.


20 March 2018