“Science2Mind” is an interdisciplinary association composed of experts, young researchers and professionals, who aim to produce new knowledge and make a positive impact on society and people’s lives by investigating the brain, knowledge, society, artificial intelligence and robotic autonomy through computational models.

The recent technological innovations, defined as disruptive, have generated a decisive change of social paradigm that has upset the classical schemes to which we used to refer. The rhythm at which society evolves makes it necessary to foresee possible future scenarios, as well as the actions to be taken in order to mitigate risks and exploit the opportunities that technological development offers.

Artificial Intelligence, robotics, blockchain, 5G, cloud computing, neural networks, machine learning, are just some of the new technologies that are developing, with some applications already widespread within the market and society such as medical, school, public administration, security, finance, etc.

Science2Mind, following an inter/multidisciplinary approach, and with the contribution of professionals from various sectors of the academic world, aims to promote, support, and carry out “cross-disciplinary” research activities on the following topics:

  • research and development of applications in machine learning, artificial intelligence and frontier robotics;
  • the empirical, theoretical and computational study of the brain, behaviour and mind, and of political and economic social phenomena;
  • research and development of innovative therapies and instruments in the medical, psychological and social fields;
  • research and development of algorithms and architectures for the control of autonomous robots, and the development of applications where these can be successfully used;
  • research and development of human machine interfaces and hybrid human-machine and human-robot systems, and the development of applications where these can be successfully used;
  • research and development of innovative teaching and communication techniques and tools;
  • the development, promotion and marketing of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger technologies and their use in different sectors and sectors of society (Industry 4.0, iot, Supply Chain, Identity Management, KYC, AML, Finance, Healthcare, Digital Content, e-voting, Logistics, Certification, Copyright, Privacy).

The Association also intends to support, organize and participate in research and development projects, training activities, coordination and documentation centres, conferences and sectoral initiatives as well as overseeing and contributing to the regulatory and regulatory development, Italian and international sectors of reference also through the release of legislative and regulatory proposals and comparison with similar associations, also from other countri